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Rachel Campbell: Recently available data has enabled the construction of an annual art index dating back to 18752 and the potential for investors to invest in Art as an additional asset class. Art indices tend to have high volatility whilst not gaini
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The names Renoir, Manet, Monet, and Degas conjure up images of some of the world’s favorite and most widely recognized works of French Impressionist art. But as an investment, the market for these works is often viewed as intractable and risky. Is it


A New Alternative Asset Class

The main attraction of the art market and the prime reason for its resurgence as an investment is its low correlation with other financial assets. 

Recent research by Barclays Capital and The Economist Magazine indicates that art has outperformed both equities and property over both short and long periods of time, demonstrating that art has emerged as a viable and attractive asset class.

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